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Catnip & Silver Vine Catnip Tube for Cats

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Does your cat love catnip? Have you tried Silver Vine? This power-packed combination of top-quality Leaf & Flower catnip with organic ground Silver Vine from the Shady Cat Social Club is the perfect mix to get your cat in the mood for a bit of play. 

All your cat needs is a pinch. For maximum potency, rub the catnip between your fingers to release all the oils stored in the catnip.

Got a stressed-out cat? Try our super relaxing Catnip & Valerian.

Not all catnip is the same, our catnip is highly potent, not like the stale stuff in some toys. 

Not sure how to use catnip? 

  • Try rubbing some into their scratching post to encourage them to use that and not your furniture.
  • Sprinkle a small amount in new areas to encourage nervous cats to explore.
  • Use some in their carrying basket to help calm them on car journeys. 
  • And of course, put some into toys for them to play with. 
  • Or just leave a pinch on a mat to let them decide if they want it or not. We think they probably will...

Made in the United States.

Size & Weight

25mm x 25mm x 140mm

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Important Information

Not for human consumption - cats only! Once this product has been opened, we can't accept returns.