About Us

Floyd & Fleet is run by Anne and Lisa, helped, and sometimes hindered, by our pets. We love our pets, the ones we have now and the ones we've had in the past. We've all spent money buying things for them, and all been just that little bit disappointed by the choice in many pet shops. 

We wanted to find exciting, unusual products that our pets would enjoy. We wanted eco-friendly products that were made from natural or recycled materials, or would biodegrade. We wanted strong, reliable, compostable dog poo bags (ok, we know that's not exciting, but is really important!). We wanted things that would make us laugh and buy them as gifts for our pet-owning friends. 

We didn't find it, so we set up Floyd & Fleet. 

We're based in Yorkshire. We share the work out between us. Floyd, Jack, Ludi and Puzz (our current pets) carry out quality control and product testing. Anne and Lisa do everything else. We're a small company, but we really care about our customers and the products we sell.