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Cabbage Snuffle Dog Toy

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Do dogs eat cabbage? Well maybe some do, but even if cabbage isn't their thing this toy will be. It's a fun snuffle toy, put treats or kibble into the folds and let your dog find them all.

Snuffle feeding toys encourage a more natural eating behaviour, making your dog work to find food. Have a greedy, speedy eater? Put their food into this toy and see the difference. It can also be used to relieve stress or boredom, and when you're done it can go in the washing machine (don't try that with a real cabbage).

Made of non-toxic and durable materials and machine washable. Perfect for small to large dog breeds.

Snuffle toys are not just another adorable plaything for your pet – a snuffle toy will stimulate your pet's mind and senses, reduce stress, and even help with digestion in greedy eaters. Help keep your pet's brain working while they navigate the toy to get their treats. If your dog tends to gobble up all their food in a matter of seconds, utilise the snuffle toy to make them work for their food. Mental enrichment, boredom-busting, and slow feeding all in one!

Size & Weight

110mm x 320mm x 320mm

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Important Information

Dog toys will always get chewed and destroyed and we've yet to find a toy that is indestructible (although Ned's mission in life is to find one!). Please check that this toy is suitable for your dog. If your dog likes chewing and playing rough then this toy may not survive. Please supervise your dog whilst they play and always check toys for signs of damage. Once the toy has been removed from its packaging and played with we can't accept returns.