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Yak Milk Dog Chews

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Dogs love to chew, it's great for their teeth and is a natural way for them to reduce stress and anxiety. These completely natural Yak milk chews are long-lasting and contain no preservatives or chemical agents. 

If you haven't tried them yet we strongly recommend giving your dog one of these, we hope they enjoy them as much as our testers do! Jack carries his around with him for days until it is finally gone, he sleeps with it for comfort too!

The K2 Yak chews were first created and consumed as snacks by the Himalayan people decades ago as a good source of protein. This same idea was taken and turned into an all-natural long-lasting hard dog chew for your dog. Made from Yak milk, the K2 Yak Chew contains the highest protein & calcium content with minimal fat and no chemically binding agents and are made from all-natural ingredients with no preservatives whatsoever.

Size & Weight

Size and shape varies. Small - approx 8cm long, 30g. Large - approx 13cm long, 110g.

Delivery & Returns

We aim to dispatch all orders within 3 working days. UK orders will be sent using Royal Mail 1st class. Visit our Delivery & Returns page for more information.

Important Information

Not for human consumption - dogs only! Once this product has been opened, we can't accept returns.